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Winners are selected!

7th Niigata International Food Award Notice of the winner determination

The Board of Directors of “Niigata International Food Award Foundation “selected the 7th winners of the prize.

Grand Prix: Dr. José Graziano da Silva

Former Director-General UN FAO / Director General of the Zero Hunger Instituto (Instituto Fome Zero):Brazil, Italy

Grand Prix: Dr. NAKAMURA Teiji

President of Kanagawa University of Human Services / President of The Japan Dietetic Association:Japan

Sano Tozaburo Special Prize: Mr. NAKAYAMA Teruya

Kitac Corporation Chairman and executive director:Japan

21st Century hope Prize: Dr. SAITO Kazuki

Africa Rice Center Principal scientist:Japan

Prize for Bright Future of Niigata: Dr. ITO Yoshiomi

SnowBiz,Inc. CEO:Japan

We express our deep gratitude to many nominatorsand generous supporters.